Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing platforms that help to accomplish company goals. We offer leading quality, simple to use, cost effective mobile website that will help generate value, raise customer reliability and add revenue to a client’s business. We provide customized solutions to make your website mobile friendly. We help client’s maximize their mobile revenue and increase conversion rate.

Mobile site is a most prominent and sophisticated mobile e-commerce solution. We work beyond expectation of simple mobile website and create an excellent shopping experience on diverse mobile devices. Mobiles platforms help to deliver affluent mobile experience.

While designing a mobile website here are the features that need to be considered:

Zoom/Move product images: A mobile site must be designed in elegant way which helps users to move or zoom any of the product images. It should be easy to expand the size of a product as screen of mobile devices are quite smaller than a general desktop.

Map & directions: Maps and directions play a pivotal role, hence must be included along with a contact form. It gives user fair idea about your business.

Location Awareness: These aspects can truly develop a user’s experience. With the help of Geo-location API technology mobile gives ability to send accurate information about the surrounding.

Social Media integration: Social media is one of the leading mobile activities by users and adding this to mobile website can help to stay connected with a large audience.