It’s mobile all the way! Commerce in your palm! The buzz and business that M-Commerce generates is comparable only to E-Commerce. Similar to e-commerce, M-commerce industry is growing fourfold and is on the verge of becoming a multibillion dollar industry globally. It’s time for you get up, take notice and grab the opportunity. We are here to assist you with your M-Commerce initiative!mobile commerce london

Worldwide M-Commerce industry is expected to become more than $100 billion by 2015. It offers immense opportunity to your business. Not only this, the total value of mobile payments around the world will amount to $630 billion in 2014 according to Juniper Research. Irrespective of your business size, domain, target audience, M-Commerce is the need of the hour. It is better to mold your business to evolving technology then to be redundant and outdated.

Our team of experts will draw a mobile marketing strategy to suit your business needs, develop a robust mobile commerce platform and mobile accessible services for your consumers. This is sure to shoot your sales number and meet your revenue targets. Mobile commerce is expected to grow by more than 120% annually. With our value added mobile accessible services such as real time notifications, click to call, delivery status, product status, discount codes, product information, related products, etc. you are sure to be part of this growth.

We understand your business needs, your target audience and your consumer demands and devise the customized M-Commerce strategies for you accordingly. We have a dedicated team of M-Commerce Experts serving businesses in different domains like finance, banking, service, information technology, retails, telecommunication, food chains, hotels, automobiles, real estate, entertainment, etc. We not only help your business to grow but also help it sustain!