Where it all started

We remember back in the days when we hand-coded our first website using just dreamweaver, flash and photoshop. It was all so exciting and so much fun, we decided to enhance our skills. Little did we know that we would have our very first customer. That’s when iDigitalise was born in 2004.

Riya Jadhav

Co-Founder – Geeky Strategist

Manisha Dutta

Director – Psycho Marketeer


Co-Founder – Geek & Techy


Co-Founder – Nerd & Strategist

We are iDigitalise

We are a team of professionals who collectively have the experience and knowledge within the Ecommerce, Mcommerce, Mobile App Development, Growth Strategy Consultancy, Social Media, Design & Development space. We acquire new customers through word-of-mouth by our happy customers. We believe in giving unbiased advice and ensuring our customers get what they need, nothing less nothing more.
Our head office is based in Uxbridge near London Heathrow and our branch in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). This allows us to server our clients across UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA).
“The best advertising is done by happy customers”Philip Kotler