iDigitalise is accredited by Good Business Charter

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We are proud to announce that iDigitalise has been accredited by the Good Business Charter. The GBC is an accreditation in the UK that recognises organisations with responsible business practices. The accreditation encourages responsible business behaviour and publicly acknowledges those organisations that exhibit such behaviour.

7 Tips to enhance ecommerce engagement

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When digital markets are so crowded, and websites are competing to sell similar or identical products – it can be particularly difficult to stand out from the crowd. The first step to solving the problem is knowing what exactly it is that is blocking your users from engaging with your e-commerce site. Then, you can start making changes you need to enhance ecommerce engagement. We’ve got a few easy first steps to help you out.

Product Innovation: Doing it the “Lean Way”

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Starting up in difficult economic times and often-saturated markets can be enough to put any entrepreneur off taking the leap. At iDigitalise, we use the Lean Approach to Product Innovation to eliminate risk through systematic test-based solutions. We work closely with entrepreneurs and start-ups from the inception of their idea right through to bringing a product to market and beyond.


Saving time using technology

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In any small business, we as business owners have to get our hands dirty if and when needed. Furthermore, we are required to put on multiple hats and chances are we forgot to send that very important email or raise a client invoice. OR missed an appointment completely. Have you thought of how can you be saving time using technology?

ECommerce Checkout Fundamentals

Fundamental Online – Checkout Process for Global Ventures

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Online shopping has taken the retail world by storm and has virtually ventured in all sectors today. There is no industry, domain or business immune to it! It has helped the entrepreneurs to explore new locations, geography and places. It has helped the businesses to go Global due to increase in accessibility, ease of use and very little infrastructure required …

Google Pigeon Update – An initiative for Better User Experience

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Google Pigeon update is finally here to improve, upgrade and update for better local search results! On 27th July 2014 Google has released a new Google pigeon search algorithm that provides more valuable, appropriate and precise local search results as compared to traditional ranking signals. These changes have currently taken place in the US but rolling out worldwide and are …