ECommerce Checkout Fundamentals

Fundamental Online – Checkout Process for Global Ventures

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Online shopping has taken the retail world by storm and has virtually ventured in all sectors today. There is no industry, domain or business immune to it! It has helped the entrepreneurs to explore new locations, geography and places. It has helped the businesses to go Global due to increase in accessibility, ease of use and very little infrastructure required …

Google Pigeon Update – An initiative for Better User Experience

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Google Pigeon update is finally here to improve, upgrade and update for better local search results! On 27th July 2014 Google has released a new Google pigeon search algorithm that provides more valuable, appropriate and precise local search results as compared to traditional ranking signals. These changes have currently taken place in the US but rolling out worldwide and are …

Mobile Marketing – Definition and Best Strategies

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Mobile marketing is the future of digital marketing It is a mode of marketing that includes smart phones to communicate vital and valuable aspects of a product and services to the large targeted audience. According to the latest survey, 5 billion people possess mobile phones to research and search for local discounts and hunt for latest products or services as …