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We are absolutely delighted!

We are proud to announce that iDigitalise has been accredited by the Good Business Charter. The GBC is an accreditation in the UK that recognises organisations with responsible business practices. The accreditation encourages responsible business behaviour and publicly acknowledges those organisations that exhibit such behaviour.

What is the Good Business Charter?

The Good Business Charter is an initiative of the Good Business Foundation, a charity registered in England and Wales. The CBI (Confederation of British Industry) and the TUC (Trades Union Congress) both have trustee representation on the board of the Good Business Foundation to ensure that the voices of business and employees are heard. The Good Business Foundation worked in collaboration with FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) to develop a streamlined version of the accreditation which is accessible to organisations with 50 employees or less which was launched in January 2021.

A company must meet commitments in each of these 10 areas to receive GBC accreditation (9 for charities/public sector). We believe that this is the huge value of the GBC – an all-or-nothing accreditation rather than an average scoring – which we think makes it more transparent and thus holds more credibility with employees, customers and other stakeholders. Ultimately you are not left guessing – any company that signs up to the GBC will be meeting the criteria for each of the components. There is no joining fee and the first year’s membership is free with only nominal costs thereafter.

It is simple and streamlined with accreditation done through online self-certification because we want to inspire as many businesses as possible to sign up and change their business behaviour where necessary, which we believe will in turn encourage wider good business practice. There is rigorous monitoring and enforcement with whistle-blowing actively encouraged.

10 Components of the Good Business Charter:

The GBC consists of 10 components as explained below. As an organisation with under 51 employees, we commit to all 10 of them:

Good Business Charter Accredited 10 Components

More details for each of these components can be found on their website:

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